WE ARE HI-TECH EYEWEAR POP-UP SHOPS. A new way of connecting with consumers, selling top quality eyewear and performing professional eye exams. Young, cool, simple, convenient and digital.

Our belief is that the most important drivers shaping the future of the optical retail industry is the implementation of a wide range of new digital technologies and new retail formats. It’s about multi-channels, digitalizing the supply chain and in-store functions, mobile device integrations, online eye exams, e-commerce, digital marketing and social media. The future leaders will be new innovative companies taking the key elements of each technology and channel, and combining them to deliver a more valuable experience overall.

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY IS IN OUR DNA: Our aim is to create a complete digital and multi-channel ecosystem. We constantly ask ourselves “is this better with a different technology?” As an example, our online eye exam technology is removing current physical boundaries and improving the convenience factor. Our optometrists can be located anywhere, and be available to customers at any time and anywhere – which is not the case for the traditional eye care system. Consumers will no longer be forced to wait or – even pre-schedule an eye doctor’s visit – and eye exams can be accessible in parts of the world where there is now a shortage of optometrists.

ONLINE ALGORITHMIC EYE EXAMINATIONS is a new solution to perform semi- or completely automated subjective refractions, only to be remotely supervised by our network with optometrists using mobile phones, tablets or laptops. It’s powered by predefined refraction flows, algorithmic models and data-driven continuous improvements with machine-learning.

SMART VIRTUAL TRY-ONS. No more seas of physical frames is needed anymore. Our new disruptive virtual try-on technology is superior to the old-fashioned way trying an selecting frames. Just take a selfie – our software will beautify the face and analyse the facial shape, size and color and match with the right frames. The result is a personlized eyewear lookbook available on any device and orders can be placed anywhere.

WE ARE AN INDEPENDENT, VERTICALLY-INTEGRATED brand that avoids unnecessary markups. All eyewear frames are designed in-house and produced in same Chinese and Italian factories as our high-end competitors. We have developed advanced lens configuration, production and warehouse automation technologies. As an example, when our customer place an order anywhere worldwide, an individualized and digitalized production process starts automatically – within only a few minutes – at one of our lens laboratories and glasses are shipped direct at-home. Lens materials are same top quality as other expensive brands use.


There is a limited global access to eye care and 2.5 BILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE SUFFER FROM UNCORRECTED REFRACTIVE ERRORS. One reason is the shortage of optometrists, in some countries the population ratio is in excess of 1,000,000:1. We believe that technical innovations is the only long-term solution to this health problem and we will try hard to make a contribution by developing new solutions making eye exams free and more accessible. We also contribute by ”Buy one. Give one pair to someone in need” in cooperation with non-profit organizations.

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