For us, franchising is the essential working philosophy, for we firmly believe in the efficiency and proximity to the market offered by local people. WE ARE CONVINCED THAT THE DEDICATION, INITIATIVE AND STABILITY EMBODIED IN A FRANCHISING NETWORK ARE ALWAYS GREATER THAN THAT OF A LARGE COMPANY. Furthermore, we apply these principles to ourselves and, whenever possible, we keep our own structures small, competitive and highly motivated.

WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR TOP SALES PERFORMERS being prepared to spend the next years working at least five days per week at an ieye shop located in a shopping-mall. You don’t need any optical background. Successful franchises can develop multiple ieye shops in their territory

A typical digital pop-up shop start-up cost is €35,000 with additional leasing-contract commitments for eye test equipments. WE WILL NORMALLY HELP YOU FINANCE THE CAPITAL NEEDED. Each shop is operated, owned and managed by it’s franchise, but who are supported by key specialists in support offices, who provide a range of services, such as online eye exam services, IT, logistics, marketing, among others. This ensures that our franchises can concentrate on delivering what they do best – sales, service and customer acquisition. INTERESTED? SEND US A MAIL ON INFO@IEYE.COM.THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL AND HAS NO OBLIGATIONS.

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