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The definition of “Specialty” –  a pursuit, area of study, or skill to which someone has devoted much time and effort and in which they are expert. We offer an expedited service without the expedited costs.

We are Logistics Specialists. Logistics specialists manage the flow of materials, equipment or supplies from the point of origin to the point of destination to satisfy requirements of a business or organization.

Logistics Revolution, Inc., specializes in On-Demand Transportation and the ever-changing needs of the freight moving industry.  We offer last minute support to our customers, without the additional  costs on loads that become critical, requires a team or for the unforeseen circumstances that would leave you without a truck. Logistics Revolution, Inc., has been recognized by multiple Fortune 500 companies for moving their on-demand freight, last minute loads, carrier cancelation recoveries, just in time (JIT) deliveries and critical freight moves.




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